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Coffee in Western Europe & Asia (17502)

Coffee selections vary across the world, with RTD canned/bottled coffee most popular in Asia and espresso more popular in Spain and France than in Germany or the U.K. Coffee predominates over tea in most of the countries studied, except in China and the U.K. where tea is also a favorite.

The 2018 Study of the International Market For Coffee in Western Europe & Asia examines coffee consumption habits and preferences with an emphasis on market size/potential, at-home vs. away-from-home coffee drinking habits, coffee brand awareness/usage and brand ratings (by country).

Key topics included in the report

Among adult consumers in each country:

  • Overall past-year beverage consumption patterns, including coffee and tea
  • Interest in trying coffee among infrequent/non-drinkers
  • Characteristics associated with coffee

Among Past-Year coffee drinkers:

  • Types/varieties of coffee consumed
  • Locations and occasions of use
  • Attitudes toward beverage sources and towards brands/brand loyalty
  • Coffee brand awareness/use and satisfaction ratings for selected coffee brands
  • Considerations important when selecting a coffee brand
  • Iced/Cold coffee brand awareness/use

PDF source International Market for COFFEE in Western Europe & Asia (17502)

Tooth Sensitivity Study (17501)

Canadian adults experiencing tooth sensitivity take a more proactive approach than Americans – – seeking advice from dental health professionals and opting to use a sensitivity toothpaste as their primary toothpaste more often than Americans. Multi-sponsor Surveys just released two separate studies examining tooth sensitivity prevalence and treatment in the U.S. and Canada.

Each study examines. . . 

  • Incidence of tooth sensitivity in the general population
  • Frequency and severity of symptoms among sufferers 
  • Perceived causes of tooth sensitivity 
  • Awareness & trial of treatment/prevention options for sensitive teeth
  • Perceived effectiveness of various types of treatments 
  • Motivations for treatment choices, including role of dental professional/recommendations 
  • Brand awareness and use: toothpaste, toothbrushes and mouthwash/oral rinse for sensitive teeth 
  • Brand ratings for selected sensitivity toothpastes 
  • Satisfaction with attributes of brand of sensitive toothpaste used most often/analysis of key drivers of overall satisfaction 
  • Purchase habits and information sources for sensitivity products
  • Attitudes about tooth sensitivity

PDF source US & Canadian Tooth Sensitivity Studies (17501)