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Tooth Sensitivity Study (17501)

Canadian adults experiencing tooth sensitivity take a more proactive approach than Americans – – seeking advice from dental health professionals and opting to use a sensitivity toothpaste as their primary toothpaste more often than Americans. Multi-sponsor Surveys just released two separate studies examining tooth sensitivity prevalence and treatment in the U.S. and Canada.

Each study examines. . . 

  • Incidence of tooth sensitivity in the general population
  • Frequency and severity of symptoms among sufferers 
  • Perceived causes of tooth sensitivity 
  • Awareness & trial of treatment/prevention options for sensitive teeth
  • Perceived effectiveness of various types of treatments 
  • Motivations for treatment choices, including role of dental professional/recommendations 
  • Brand awareness and use: toothpaste, toothbrushes and mouthwash/oral rinse for sensitive teeth 
  • Brand ratings for selected sensitivity toothpastes 
  • Satisfaction with attributes of brand of sensitive toothpaste used most often/analysis of key drivers of overall satisfaction 
  • Purchase habits and information sources for sensitivity products
  • Attitudes about tooth sensitivity

PDF source US & Canadian Tooth Sensitivity Studies (17501)