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Adult Patient Study of Asthma Medications (16048)

Brand shares have shifted considerably over the years as nearly half of all adult asthma Rx medication users report switching to a new brand within the past two years. An even larger proportion of asthma medicators express interest in trying new medications in the future.

The recently released 2017 Adult Patient Study of Asthma Medications, 5th in a continuing series of surveys, is designed to provide invaluable insights into adult asthma sufferers’ awareness, usage and attitudes toward prescription and OTC asthma medication. Conducted in two phases, the overall objectives were to explore:

Phase I – General Population Survey

  • Incidence of asthma among adults and other household members
  • Whether asthma was diagnosed by a physician
  • Use of medication for asthma

Phase II – Survey Among Adult Asthmatics Taking Medication

  • Asthma history, symptoms and triggers
  • Severity of asthma
  • Treatment, including use of Rx and non-Rx medications, diet and role of physician
  • Brand awareness and usage, including brand switching and loyalty
  • Changing attitudes towards asthma
  • Market segmentation analysis to provide insights on how asthma medicators segment along attitudinal dimensions.

PDF Source: Adult Patient Study of Asthma Medications (16048)