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Menopause Management

This year marks the first time the proportion believing “HT benefits outweigh the risks” surpassed those who believe “the risks outweigh the benefits.” The 2019 Study of Menopause Management represents a merger of MSI’s long-running studies of Menopause and Women’s Experiences With Hormone Therapy. It tracks key trends initiated in the earlier studies and investigates the views and approaches to treatment of women at all stages of menopause, from those approaching the onset of menopause to older, post-menopausal women.
The specific objectives of the survey were to investigate:  Knowledge of menopausal symptoms and treatment options  Symptoms experienced, including severity and frequency  Actions taken in response to or in anticipation of menopause  Reliance on physicians for advice and treatment  Use of and interest in hormone therapy – Usage habits and satisfaction among current HT users – Market potential among former and non-users of HT  Awareness and interest in bioidentical hormones  Use of and interest in prescription drugs, supplements and lifestyle/ dietary changes to help prevent/relieve menopause symptoms  Confidence in the safety and effectiveness of HT and other treatment products  Experience with vaginal dryness and treatment products  Overall attitudes toward menopa