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Challenges & Opportunities for the Contact Lens Market

The contact lens market is challenged by wearers’ flagging loyalty that may be traced to problems related to digital screen time, dry eyes, comfort or even the growing fashion appeal of eye glasses. This new report also highlights marketing opportunities, such as multi-focal contact lenses (see graph) by compiling relevant findings from 5 recently completed eye health and vision care studies. 
Multi-sponsor Surveys’ Target Market Report on Challenges & Opportunities for the Contact Lens Market examines trends to provide in-depth analysis of the extent to which various factors are impacting the contact lens market.
Specifically this report examines:
  • Demographic shifts – – aging population and Hispanic market growth
  • Changing attitudes toward fashion appeal of eyeglasses
  • New directions – – how Millennials are shifting the market
  • Motives that initiated use of contact lens
  • Reasons for abandoning contact lenses
  • Impact of digital lifestyles on eye wear selection
  • Eye health and dry eye symptoms impacting contact lens market
  • Contact lens satisfaction and wearers’ future plans
  • Market potential among eyeglass wearers