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Eye Health in the Digital Age (16053)

Long hours in front of digital media is the new normal, leading 2 out of 3 adults to experience symptoms of eye strain attributable to digital media exposure. Yet most digital eye strain sufferers have not consulted an eye care professional and had the benefit of professional advice.

The recently released 2017 U.S. Study of Eye Health in the Digital Age is the 5th in a series of trended surveys designed to provide a broad overview of consumer knowledge and practices surrounding vision care, eye symptoms/diseases, treatment and prevention. It also tracks changing attitudes toward eye health, including issues related to the use of digital devices.

The overall objectives of the study were to explore . . .

  • Eye health knowledge/concerns
  • Practices/actions to protect eye health
  • Awareness/consumption of nutrients & foods for eye health benefits
  • Eye problems/diseases experienced
  • Digital eyestrain and time spent with digital devices
  • Impact of digital media exposure on eye health and treatment
  • Vision correction needs/choices and interest in computer eyewear
  • Use of eye care products, including eye health supplements as well as artificial tears, eye drops, ocular vitamins and eye wipes
  • Professional eye care/advice
  • Eye surgery – – history and interest
  • Changing attitudes toward eye health, vision correction and treatment strategies
  • Market Segmentation Analysis included to identify key consumer groups who each share a unique approach to  the issue of eye health, focused on digital-related eyestrain and potential treatment strategies.

PDF Source: Eye Health in the Digital Age (16053)