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Sports Nutrition Products

Use of sports nutrition products is on the rise, fueled especially by protein bars, RTD shakes, protein powders and coconut water.  The market has broadened to the point that a majority of adults now report use of one or more types of sports nutrition products – – most often motivated for energy, weight management, hydration and nutrient-replacement post exercise.

The recently released 2017 Gallup Study of the Market for Sports Nutrition Products, fifth in a series of surveys, is designed to investigate awareness, experience and attitudes towards this diverse category.
Topics covered include:
  • Market size and potential
  • Trends in use of sports nutrition products – supplements, bars and beverages
  • Motivations for use and benefits sought
  • Usage habits and product preferences
  • Brand awareness/use and image of selected brands
  • Overall satisfaction with brand used most often in each category as well as satisfaction with key attributes
  • Purchase habits, outlets used, including online shopping
  • Ingredients sought/avoided in sports nutrition products (supplements, bars, beverages)
  • Social media engagement overall and for sports nutrition product information
  • Fitness goals and exercise participation
  • Market Segmentation Analysis (Big Spenders But Skeptical; Fitness Committed/Brand Loyal; Fitness Laissez-Faires; Mainstream Exercisers/Users)

PDF Source: Sports Nutrition Products (16045)