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GMO’s & Their Impact on Purchase Behavior

gmo's&theirimpactonpurchasebehavior(16032)Most consumers believe they have a right to know if the food they buy contains GMOs, yet fewer agree GMOs have been proven harmful. Learn more about consumer know-ledge and opinions regard GMOs, as well as how it impacts their shopping and product selection by purchasing the recently released 2016 Study of GMOs & Their Impact on Purchase Behavior.
Topics covered in this report include:
  • Awareness and knowledge of GMOs
  • Concerns about GMO safety
  • Efforts to avoid GMOs and demographic profile of those making strong efforts
  • Confidence in the science behind GMOs
  • Impact of GMOs on purchase behavior both for foods and beverages and for nutritional supplements (among past 12-month supplement users)
  • Willingness to pay more for non-GMO products (foods/beverages & supplements)
  • Stance on GMO restrictions/labeling
  • Attitudes toward GMOs
  • Market Segmentation Analysis, which identified five consumer segments:
    • GMO-Confused/ANTI-Regs
    • Skeptical of GMO Hype
    • Avoid GMOs
    • GMO-Confused/PRO-Regs
    • Unconcerned About GMOs
PDF source: GMO’s & Their Impact on Purchase Behavior (16032)