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Changing Attitudes Toward Vegetarian and Flexitarian Diets & Food Choices

The vegetarian market is comprised of strict vegetarians and more relaxed flexitarians, yet use of many meat and dairy substitutes (veggie crumbles, veggie meatballs, frozen vegetarian meals, cheese substitutes, etc.) is most widespread among the vegetarian group.  The 2016 Study of Changing Attitudes Toward Vegetarian/Flexitarian Diets & Food Choices takes a deep look at the eating habits of both vegetarians and flexitarians, including their brand preferences, nutritional and ethical priorities when selecting food products.

Topics include:

  • Incidence of following a vegetarian or flexitarian diet and demographic plus health/nutrition profile of those doing so
  • Vegetarian and flexitarian eating habits, including food choices by meal occasion and past 12-month consumption of protein-rich foods and beverages
  • Satisfaction with current diet and perceived nutrient shortfalls, including use of dietary supplements
  • Efforts to limit meat and other animal-based foods
  • Considerations motivating vegetarian efforts
  • Awareness and use of plant-based alternatives to meat, seafood, dairy and egg products/brands
  • Satisfaction with meat and dairy alternatives
  • Shopping for vegetarian products
  • Market Segmentation Analysis to divide adult vegetarians/flexitarians into distinct groups, each with their own unique set of attitudes and behaviors.  Five segments were identified:  Reluctant Flexitarians; Relaxed Flexitarians; Family-Oriented Clean Label Seekers; Committed Vegetarians; Aspiring Vegetarians.