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Deodorant & Body Sprays (16043)

The recently released 2017 Gallup Study of the Market for Deodorant & Body Spray examines the current market for deodorant products and body sprays among men and women, focusing in on changes that have occurred in usage habits, product preferences and expectations over the past few years.
Key Insights Include:
  • Incidence/frequency of use of AP/DO, body spray
  • Types/forms of AP/DO use regularly
  • Brand usage for AP/DO and body sprays
  • Brand satisfaction and loyalty
  • Details of body spray usage habits (among users)
  • Attitudes about body odor
  • Product selection criteria for AP/DO, body sprays
  • Retail outlet usage and shopping habits
  • Personal grooming habits/use of other deodorizers
Key Analytics:
  • Market Segmentation Analysis: to identify how men and women segment based on attitudes towards personal grooming and AP/DO
  • Key Driver Analysis:  to uncover the most important factors when purchasing AP/DO, body spray

PDF Source: Deodorant & Body Spray (16043)