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Dental Segmentation

Natural Product Advocates represent the largest segment identified in the 2016 Gallup Dental Segmentation Study – – a group very willing to pay more for natural and organic dental products.  They are just one of five segments whose dental care habits and attitudes are examined in this trend study.

Third in a trended series, this landscape study investigates consumers’ general attitudes and habits regarding dental care as well as attitudes toward and usage of various oral care products.

Specific objectives addressed include:

  • Overall condition of teeth and gums
  • Frequency of dental visits
  • Recommendations made by dentist/hygienist
  • Dental problems ever experienced/experienced in past 12 months
  • Concern about various dental problems
  • Dental procedures have had done and cosmetic procedures would consider having
  • Dental products use on a regular basis and among non-users, products likely to use in next 12 months
  • Recent changes in dental care to reduce spending
  • Online shopping for dental care products
  • Brand awareness, usage and loyalty
  • Market Segmentation Analysis to identify distinct segments differentiated with regard to their dental health needs, attitudes and product preferences.

PDF source:  Dental Segmentation Study (16025)