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Women’s Contraceptive Products

Oral contraceptives remain the leading choice in 2016, yet there is growing awareness of the IUD/IUS and implants, as well as increases in the proportions being advised to try these methods by their doctor.
The recently released 2016 Gallup Study of the U.S. Market for Women’s Contraceptive Products, 9th in a trended series, tracks changes in the overall market for contraceptive products and provides an in-depth examination of birth control product awareness, use and satisfaction among current contraceptive product users.
Topics include:
  • Change in women’s choice of contraception methods
  • Reasons for selection of current method
  • Brand awareness, use and satisfaction
  • Attitudes toward hormone based contraceptive products
  • Awareness of and interest in Rx alternatives to the standard birth control pill – IUD, vaginal ring, implants, etc.
  • Emergency contraception – awareness, trial and use – – NEW
  • Switching behavior and anticipated changes
  • Factors important in product selection
  • Impact of Affordable Care Act on contraceptive product selection – – NEW
  • Market Segmentation Analysis is included which divides contraceptive product users into five distinct groups, each with their own unique set of opinions regarding birth control methods and their level of concern for the safety of these methods.

PDF source:  Women’s Contraceptive Products (16039)