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Toric Lenses

Use of toric contact lenses held fairly steady over the past seven years and the astigmats who are wearing toric lenses exhibit above average loyalty to continued use.  Learn more about the size of the population with astigmatism and their interest in toric contact lenses in this recently released report

Specific topics included are:

  • Size of the current & potential market for toric contact lenses
  • ŸDemographic and vision correction profiles of astigmats
  • ŸFormer use of contact lenses among astigmats and extent to which astigmatism contributes to the decision to return to eyeglasses
  • Profile of prospective contact lens wearers and differences between those with and without astigmatism
  • ŸExtent to which eyeglass wearers perceive astigmatism as prohibiting contact lens trial
  • ŸDetails of toric contact lens wear and comparative analysis of the needs and habits of toric  vs. SVS lens wearers
  • ŸVision correction needs and preferences of prospective wearers diagnosed with astigmatism and implications for toric lens marketers
  • ŸVision correction information sources and shopping behaviors among contact lens wearers and prospects with astigmatism

PDF Source: Toric Contact Lens (16023)