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Smoothies’ popularity continues with frequency of consumption climbing and changes in the ingredients favored.  Almond milk, vegetables, nuts, seeds, protein powder and Greek yogurt are among the ingredients on the rise, as are organic smoothies.
The recently released 2016 Gallup Study of Smoothies is a two-phase survey designed to investigate usage of and attitudes toward smoothies.
The Phase I general population survey measures trends in prevalence and frequency of smoothie consumption among a nationally representative sample of U.S. adults 18 years and older.
Phase II examines usage patterns, preferences and attitudes toward smoothies among a national sample of adults who have consumed fruit/vegetable and/or yogurt smoothies in the past six months.
Measures obtained include:
  • Frequency of drinking smoothies and types drink/prefer – – freshly prepared away from home, ready-to-drink and homemade and for each type . . . brand awareness and consumption; frequency and occasions for drinking; purchase outlets
  • Reasons for drinking smoothies and importance of various attributes in choosing which type to drink
  • Smoothie flavor and ingredient preferences
  • Use of frozen packaged smoothie kits, frozen ingredients, etc.
  • Appliances use for preparing at home
  • Descriptions that would encourage or discourage purchase
  • Satisfaction with smoothies on various attributes and identification of key drivers linked to overall satisfaction
  • Recent changes in smoothie consumption and interest in mixes/concentrates, special formulations, etc.
  • Dietary, lifestyle and health efforts and their impact on smoothie choices
  • Attitudes towards smoothies and Market Segmentation Analysis

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