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Children’s Toothpaste

Mothers are more attentive to the ingredients in their children’s toothpaste than they were two years ago and they are increasingly making efforts to avoid artificial sweeteners, artificial dyes, artificial flavors and alcohol.
The recently released 2016 Study of Children’s Toothpaste examines mothers’ changing attitudes and habits with regard to their children’s toothpaste.
Specific objectives include:
  • Toothbrushing habits
  • Ingredient awareness and safety concerns
  • Oral health and important oral health practices
  • Need-Gap Analysis to uncover unmet needs in children’s toothpaste and identify new market opportunities
  • Market Segmentation Analysis to identify distinct segments of mothers differentiated with regard to their attitudes toward dental care and toothpaste preferences
  • The emergence of “natural” toothpaste products
  • Use of infant and toddler formula toothpastes
  • Brand usage trends, including customer loyalty
  • Professional recommendations

PDF source:  Children’s Toothpaste (15058)