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Online Mattress

Purchasing mattresses via the Internet has gained a foothold among consumers and seems likely to gain in popularity.
The recently released 2016 Study of the Online Market for Mattresses is a benchmark survey that provides subscribers with measures of buyers’ motivations, the brands and types of products being purchased online, as well as online media habits and outlets patronized.  Conducted in two phases, the overall objectives were to explore…
Phase 1: General Population
  • General Internet behaviors
  • Characteristics of current mattress
  • Incidence of recent mattress purchase and whether purchased online
  • The study also includes a Price Sensitivity Analysis which explores how much target consumers are willing to pay for a mattress when purchasing it online.
  • Incidence of future purchase intentions for mattresses and likelihood of purchasing them online
  • Reasons have not purchased a mattress online and motivations to do so
Phase 2: Recent and Prospective Buyers
  • Deciding where to purchase a mattress/purchase it online
  • Brand and advertising awareness
  • Characteristics of mattress purchased/plan to purchase
  • Product selection process for mattresses purchased/plan to purchase online
  • Satisfaction with mattress purchased online
  • Social networking behaviors related to mattresses

PDF Source: Online Mattress (16036)

Contact Lens Market

The contact lens market is holding its own amid challenges related to digital lifestyles, dry eyes and the growing fashion appeal of eyeglasses.
The recently released 2016 Gallup Study of the U.S. Consumer Contact Lens Market finds the growing share of vision corrected consumers wearing both contact lenses and eyeglasses now report wearing eyeglasses for longer periods of time, while they spend fewer hours wearing their contact lenses.
A long-term trend study in its 37th year, this comprehensive study provides up-to-date insights surrounding the habits and preferences of vision corrected teens and adults, contact lens wearers and prospective buyers.
A Market Segmentation Analysis was conducted among the sample of current contact lens wearers to identify segments who share similar attitudes and behaviors regarding these products.
Section1: General Population, including Vision Corrected Teens/Adults — Online interviews completed among a national sample of 1,513 teens and adults, ages 13 and older.  The general population sample includes a sub-sample of 986 vision corrected teens and adults (wear eyeglasses and/or contact lenses to correct or improve their vision).
Section 2: Contact Lens Wearers – – Online interviews completed by 830 current contact lens wearers ages 13 and older.
Section 3: Prospective Contact Lens Wearers  – – Online interviews completed by 524 prospective contact lens wearers ages 13 and older who currently wear only eyeglasses for vision correction but express an interest in trying to wear contact lenses.

Probiotic & Prebiotic Consumer

Awareness of and efforts to consume both probiotics and prebiotics have increased since 2012 with young adults, age 18-49, responsible for virtually all growth.
The recently released 2016 Gallup Study of Probiotic & Prebiotic Consumers is the 5th in a series of consumer research surveys conducted to track consumer attitudes toward and usage of probiotics and prebiotics and their knowledge of product options available for including these ingredients in their diet.  This study is based on interviews completed among 1,300 U.S. adults and also among a subsample 800 adults making an effort to consume probiotics and/or prebiotics.  Trends are included where relevant from previous surveys.
The overall objectives of this research were to explore…
  • Efforts to consume and reasons motivating consumption of probiotics and prebiotics
  • Knowledge of probiotics and prebiotics
  • Preference for food/beverage or supplement sources of probiotics and prebiotics
  • Probiotic foods and beverages consumed, frequency of consumption and brands purchased
  • Probiotic supplements taken and use of OTC digestive health products containing probiotics
  • Satisfaction with probiotic foods/beverages and supplements/OTC digestive health products
  • Attitudes toward probiotics and prebiotics
  • Market Segmentation Analysis of probiotic consumers

An optional Mothers Survey conducted among a national sample of 500 mothers of children under age 13 to investigate the children’s market for probiotics and prebiotics is also available.  Contact us for information.

PDF Source: Probiotic & Prebiotic Consumers (16027)


Children’s Toothpaste

Mothers are more attentive to the ingredients in their children’s toothpaste than they were two years ago and they are increasingly making efforts to avoid artificial sweeteners, artificial dyes, artificial flavors and alcohol.
The recently released 2016 Study of Children’s Toothpaste examines mothers’ changing attitudes and habits with regard to their children’s toothpaste.
Specific objectives include:
  • Toothbrushing habits
  • Ingredient awareness and safety concerns
  • Oral health and important oral health practices
  • Need-Gap Analysis to uncover unmet needs in children’s toothpaste and identify new market opportunities
  • Market Segmentation Analysis to identify distinct segments of mothers differentiated with regard to their attitudes toward dental care and toothpaste preferences
  • The emergence of “natural” toothpaste products
  • Use of infant and toddler formula toothpastes
  • Brand usage trends, including customer loyalty
  • Professional recommendations

PDF source:  Children’s Toothpaste (15058)

Flea & Tick Control Product Market

Dog owners’ preference for natural or organic flea and tick products has grown steadily over the past decade, which may explain why some are seeking alternatives to topical drops.
The recently released 2016 Gallup Study of the Flea & Tick Control Product Market, part of a trended series of surveys, provides valuable market insights into dog and cat owners’ awareness of, usage of and attitudes toward flea and tick control products.
Overall objectives were to explore:
  • Brand awareness, usage and satisfaction
  • Types of flea and tick products ever used, used in the past season and primary product used
  • Brands used most recently for topical drops, collars, flea pills and other products
  • Concern for health risks associated with topical drops
  • Details of the purchase process: retail outlet usage, how brand and form selection is made, veterinarian vs. retail purchase, etc.
  • Reasons for product selection and anticipated changes in product use
  • Heartworm medication brand awareness and use
  • Awareness, use and interest in all-in-one medications
  • Extent of flea and tick problems and concerns
  • Social media’s influence on pet care
  • Attitudes toward fleas and ticks and prevention/treatment
  • Market Segmentation Analysis is included to divide dog and cat owners into distinct groups, each with their own unique set of attitudes impacting receptivity to flea and tick control products.

PDF source:  Flea & Tick Control Product Market (16026)

Changing Attitudes Toward Vegetarian and Flexitarian Diets & Food Choices

Flexitarians outnumber vegetarians by a ratio of 3 to 1, but both groups stand to grow substantially over the next ten years if the young adults who favor this diet stay true to their vegetarian/flexitarian habits as they age.  Vegetarians purchase many meat and dairy substitutes (veggie crumbles, veggie meatballs, frozen vegetarian meals, cheese substitutes, etc.) more often than flexitarians and admit their diet requires them to spend more time on meal preparation.  Source: 2016 Study of Changing Attitudes Toward Vegetarian and Flexitarian Diets & Food Choices


Online Vitamin/Supplement Shoppers

Online supplement shopping is reported by one in three supplement shoppers – – a practice most popular among heavy supplement users, big spenders, social media participants and a market segment described as “Confident Heavy Users.”  Online purchasers are lured by the wide variety of supplement types, brands, etc. more often than those who shop elsewhere.  Source: Online Vitamin-Supplement Shoppers (TM412)

Pet Care Research Update and 2016 Calendar of Studies

Multi-sponsor Surveys has been providing the pet industry with consumer trend data on pet nutrition, grooming and health care for over 20 years. Read on for news headlines from recent studies and our 2016 Calendar of studies.

Pet 1Key findings from recent studies. . .

Pet owners enjoy pampering their pets and take a lot of pride in their pets’ appearance.

Pampering has been on the rise since the recession, as has willingness to spend more for quality dog products. Over half of dog owners say their dog sleeps in their bed, which may encourage more regular grooming.

Source: 2015 Study of the Dog Grooming Market

Interest in natural pet foods and grooming products has climbed in recent years.

Pet 2In 2015, 70% of dog owners agreed “natural dog shampoos/bathing products are worth the extra money they cost,” and Millennials are far more likely to share this opinion than older generations. Millennial pet owners also read ingredient labels on pet food packages more than older pet owners and are far more likely to believe that “natural pet foods are healthier for (my) pet.”

Source: 2015 Study of the Dog Grooming Market & 2013 Study of the Market for Clean Label Pet Food

The flea and tick control market is in flux as use of topical drops has been declining over several years, particularly among dog owners. Older dog owners (age 50+) report use of topical drops more often than younger owners, while owners under age 50 more often use tick shampoos or soaps. Roughly half of dog owners express concern about their dogs’ safety when using topical drops and trends show an increase in preference for natural or organic flea and tick control products.

Source: 2014 Study of the Flea & Tick Control Products Market

Pet 3The internet exposes pet owners to a wide variety of pet products and online shopping appeals most to Premium Pet Pamperers, the segment most willing to lavish time and money on their pets. Multi-sponsor Surveys is launching a new study in April to initiate regular trend monitoring of Online Shopping for Pet Products – to examine customer demand, preferred retailers, current habits, satisfaction and market potential.

Source: 2013 Pet Lifestyle Segmentation Study



Research Package Discounts:

You are invited to design your own research package to take advantage of the savings available when multiple studies are purchased. You may choose from the 2016 studies listed above, as well as the currently available research listings on the next page.

Purchase 2 studies…………receive 10% discount
Purchase 3+ studies………receive 15% discount


Recently Completed Studies Available for Immediate Delivery

2015 Gallup Study of Flea & Tick Control Products (15049)
This annual trend study has tracked change in the flea & tick control products market for over 20 years, including tracking brand awareness and use, product satisfaction and attitudes. Conducted among a national sample of 750 dog owners and 750 cat owners, it provides insights into the process pet owners go through when selecting flea, tick and heartworm products.

Conducted in November 2016 and available for immediate delivery; Price: $23,500

2015 Study of the Dog Grooming Market (15016)
2nd in a series of trended surveys, this study examines dog grooming habits and product use among a national sample of 800 dog owners with purchase responsibility. The study examines the grooming tasks they tackle themselves vs. hire out to grooming services. Trends in use of grooming products and brands are tracked, as well as dog owners attitudes.

Conducted in July 2015 and available for immediate delivery; Price: 20,000

2014 Gallup Study of the Market for Cat Litter (14009)
2nd in a trended series, this study tracks cat litter brand preferences and selection criteria. Information about cat litter usage habits, product satisfaction, brand image and purchase habits is collected among a national sample of 600+ owners of cats who use litter boxes/trays at home.

Conducted in April/May 2014 and available for immediate delivery; Price: $21,000

2013 Gallup Pet Lifestyle Segmentation Study (12073)
Tracks trends in dog and cat owner experiences and attitudes toward pet ownership, including a comprehensive Market Segmentation identifying the following five groups:
Older/Companion Pet Owners Premium Pet Pamperers Reluctant Pet Owners
Cost-Constrained Pet Owners Non-Indulgent Pet Owners
Each segment is profiled to identify which pet owners are best suited for specific pet products.

Conducted in April 2013 and available for immediate delivery; Price: $21,000

2013 Gallup Study of Clean Label Pet Food (13037)
This benchmark study examines the current and potential market for clean label pet foods among a national sample of 1,000 dog and cat owners. The study examines attention to pet food ingredient labels, the appeal of specific clean-label descriptors, brands associated with natural pet foods, willingness to pay more for clean labels and key drivers motivating interest.

Conducted in October 2013 and available for immediate delivery; Price: $20,000

2012 Gallup Study of Pet Nutrition (12016)
Examines pet food brand use, selection and satisfaction among a national sample of 500 dog owners and 500 cat owners. This comprehensive study provides information on packaged pet treats and pet supplements, as well as pet owners’ perceptions of the pet food industry and confidence in the health benefits possible through proper nutrition.

Conducted in May / June 2012 and available for immediate delivery; Price: $23,000

Target Market Reports – – offer a lower-priced option when your information needs are targeted to a specific product category or market segment. Our Target Market Reports draw from the primary research studies listed above, including trends, market size projections and attitudes.

Dog Owners’ Use of Professional Grooming Services (2015); $5,200
Satisfaction with Cat Litter Products (2014); $7,225
Heartworm Medication (2015); $5,100
Dog Shampoo & Conditioner (2015); $5,000
Dog Cleaning Wipes (2015); $4,500




Nutrient Knowledge & Consumption

With a focus on fresh/unprocessed foods, consumer efforts to eat vegetables, protein, healthy fats & oils and probiotics have climbed in recent years.  This reflects growing confidence in their health benefits, as well as an understanding that no-added sugar is a more important consideration than low-fat. Source: 2015 Gallup Study of Nutrient Knowledge & Consumption


Breakfast rivals dinner as the meal adults consider “healthiest,” which demonstrates the growing need for healthful breakfast food/beverage options.  Millennials, who have recently shifted towards more at-home breakfasts, are the age group most interested in quick, easy-to-prepare options, but they also want clean, organic, non-GMO, etc.  Source: Gallup Study of Breakfast (2014)