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Annual Dietary Supplement Market Research Package

Multi-sponsor Surveys is offering this new research service to bring you comprehensive coverage of annual trends in consumer use of dietary supplements and quarterly tracking of consumer awareness and reaction to supplement research findings reported in the media. This multi-faceted, syndicated package is designed to deliver all the knowledge and insights your business needs with a large database to mine as new marketing questions arise throughout the year.

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Included in the annual research package:

  • The 2014 Gallup Study of the U.S. Market for Vitamins & Other Dietary Supplements – – comprehensive study tracking annual trends for over 20 years.
    • Supplement choices
    • New delivery forms
    • Clean labels & whole food supplements
    • Knowledge & motivations
    • Brand usage
    • Information sources
    • Shopping habits
    • Physician recommendations
    • Social media participation
    • Market Segmentation
  • 2014-15 Quarterly Tracking Consumer Reaction to Supplement Publicity
    • Awareness of publicity
    • Supplement currently taken
    • Supplements in media reports
    • Supplements discontinued
    • Tone of media reports
    • Supplements interested in trying
    • Media sources of news
    • Attitudes toward supplements

Contact Linda.Destefano for proposals outlining full details for each of the above studies.

  • Online access to interactive database for easy access to quarterly survey data tracking supplement use and awareness of supplement publicity.  Free preview available upon request.
  • Subscriber discounts off the price of any other supplement and nutrient studies purchased from Multi-sponsor Surveys over the 12 month period (see 2014/15 Research Calendar below).  Subscribers are also encouraged to suggest topics for new syndicated research or target market reports.

Early Commitment Advantage:

  • Discounted annual package price of $38,000 if purchased by September 30, 2014; $44,700 thereafter.
  • Opportunity to review questionnaires and suggest revisions to the syndicated surveys if purchased prior to interviewing.
  • Opportunity to purchase custom questions for proprietary information needs.

The 2014 Gallup Study of the U.S. Market for Vitamins & Other Dietary Supplements

  • Methodology:  Online interviews conducted among nationally representative samples of:  ▸ 1,000 adults age 18+, ▸ 1,500 adults currently taking vitamins, minerals or other dietary supplements
  • Schedule:  Interviewing: October;  Report issued: December 2014
  • Deliverables:  electronic delivery of…
    • Summary Report – – key research findings, trends and comprehensive narrative and graphic presentation analysis of the data (PowerPoint).
    • Top-Line Trends Volume – – presenting trends for all survey questions, plus long-term trends whenever available (pdf).
    • Excel Tabs – presenting cross-tabs of all questions by key demographic, attitudinal and behavioral variables.

Quarterly Tracking Consumer Reaction to Supplement Publicity

  • Method & Interviewing Schedule:  Interviews will be conducted among national samples of 1,000 adults each quarter on the following schedule – October 2014;  January 2015; April 2015; July 2015.
  • Schedule of Deliverables:  electronic delivery of…
    • Excel Top-Line Trends Volume issued quarterly 1 month post interviewing.
    • Excel Tabs – presenting cumulative data for all survey questions by key demographic, attitudinal and behavioral variables.   Issued quarterly 1 month post interviewing.
    • Summary Report – – key research findings, trends and comprehensive narrative and graphic presentation analysis of the data (PowerPoint).  Issued in February and August 2014.

Year-round Online Access to Interactive Database will provide:

  • Free online access to key quarterly trends in supplement use and awareness of supplement publicity throughout 1-year subscription period.  Additional charges apply for access to interactive database for other topics of interest.
  • Easy-to-use analysis tools for creating graphs with the ability to export to PowerPoint.

RESEARCH CALENDAR:  October 2014 – September 2015

Listed below are other studies planned by Multi-sponsor Surveys over the next 12 months.  Subscribers to the Dietary Supplement Research Package will qualify for an additional 10-15% discount off the pre-field cost, if purchased prior to interviewing.

Full Studies: 

  • Children’s Supplement Use, October 2014 – $14,450
  • Nutrient Knowledge & Consumption, October 2014 – $18,700
  • Sports Nutrition, October 2014 – $18,700
  • Bone Health, November 2014 – $18,000
  • Vitamin Brand Image, January 2015 – $10,00-$16,000*
  • Probiotic & Prebiotic Consumers, March 2015 – $18,000
  • Protein, April 2015 – $16,000
  • Eye Health, June 2015 – $17,000
  • Eye Health + Survey of Eye Health Supplement Users, June 2015 – $25,500
  • Joint Health Supplements, July 2015 – $17,000
  • Energy Needs & Solutions Segmentation Study, August 2015 – $17,000
  • Nutraceutical Beauty Products, September 2015 – $17,000
  • Children’s Nutrition, October 2015 – $17,000
  • Diabetes & Pre-diabetes Nutritional Management, November 2015 – $17,850

*Price varies based on the brands selected for study.

Target Market Reports on . . .

  • Vitamin D ($6,800)
  • Omega-3 / Fish Oil ($6,800)
  • Whole Food Supplements ($4,900)
  • Cognitive Health ($7,500)
  • Eye Health Supplements ($6,500)
  • Calcium ($6,800)
  • Diabetic Health Supplements ($5,950)
  • Multi-vitamins ($5,500)
  • Hispanic Supplement Market ($6,800)
  • Fiber ($6,800)
  • Clean Label Supplements ($4,750)
  • Social Media & Supplements ($3,000)
  • Niche Market Supplements ($5,900)
  • Baby Boomer Supplement Market ($7,650)
  • Shopping Habits of Health Outlet, Mass Market & Online Supplement Buyers ($7,000)



Consumers Turn to Soy Foods & Beverages

Soy supplement use has declined over the past decade as more consumers turn to soy foods and beverages.  Categories posting gains include soy milk, soy shakes, soy smoothies, soy yogurts, soy bars and edamame.

Source:  The 2012 Gallup Study of Soy (issued June 2012)

Growing Confidence in Probiotics

Confidence in the effectiveness of probiotics for digestive health has doubled over the past six years as consumers are increasingly attracted to foods/beverages with package labels saying “contains probiotics.”

Source:  The 2011 Gallup Study of Nutrient Knowledge & Consumption (issued April 2012)

Multivitamin Use Slipping as Use of Individual Supplements Climbs

Over the past five years, use of multi-vitamins among adults has declined while use is up for vitamin D, probiotics and fish oil/Omega 3.  The increase in use of vitamin D appears to be driven by doctors’ recommendations, which have increased three-fold since 2007.

Source:  The 2011 Gallup Sudy of the U.S. Market for Vitamins & Other Dietary Supplements (issued March 2012)

Kids Favor Gummi Vitamins

Supplement use by children (ages 2-17) has increased over the past four years and gummi vitamins represent the fastest growing delivery form.  Children are increasingly asking their mothers for gummi vitamins and most mothers admit their child has a great deal of influence on the form purchased.

Source:  The 2011 Gallup Study of Children’s Supplement Use (issued February 2012)

Glucosamine for Joint Health

Most adults with joint problems will do whatever is necessary to avoid joint replacement surgery and that leads roughly one in five to take GLUCOSAMINE.  Trends reflect a downturn in glucosamine use for joint problems, yet satisfaction is greatest for those who stick with glucosamine for 3 years or longer.

Source:  The 2011 Gallup Sutdy of Supplements for Joint Health (issued Nov 2011)

Energy Needs Lure Adults to Supplements

Interest in trying dietary supplements to BOOST ENERGY climbed over the past four years with half of all adults now expressing interest in use within the next six months.  The nutrients consumers most often consider important for achieving high energy levels are vitamins (particularly B-vitamins), protein, caffeine and iron.

Source: The 2011 Gallup Segmentation of the Energy Market (issued Oct 2011)

Hispanic Supplement Market

HISPANICS represent a strong and growing market for supplements.  Despite their younger age profile, a majority of Hispanic adults currently take some type of nutritional supplement.  Multivitamins are favored by the more acculturated Hispanics, while the least acculturated group favors herbal supplements such as chamomile, garlic, aloe vera and ginseng.

Source:  The 2011 Gallup Study of Hispanic Nutrition & Supplement Use (Issued Feb. 2011)