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Shifting Patterns in Women’s Hygiene & Grooming (TM)

Women as a whole have begun showering and washing their hair less frequently during the past two decades or so, with many of them individually acknowledging that they have begun showering less in the past few years.

Multi-sponsor Surveys’ 2017 Target Market Report on Shifting Patterns in Women’s Hygiene examines the factors potentially motivating women to shower and wash their hair less often, and the extent to which these shifting trends impact the use of women’s haircare and grooming products.

Key topics include:

  • Shower and hair washing frequencies among different demographics
  • Health concerns and attitudes shared by those washing less frequently
  • Perceived benefits of showering less
  • Influence of hair style trends on frequency of hair washing
  • Effects on frequency of hair appliance usage





I. Overview: Trends and Demographics

II. Benefits of Showering/Washing Less Frequently

III. Hair Styles and Appliances

IV. Alternative Freshening Habits


cost: $4,300.  (subject to New Jersey or New York sales tax where applicable)
Electronic deliverables:

  • Summary Report (in PowerPoint) includes Key Findings section
  • Follow by Detail Sections including graphs and charts depicting survey findings.