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Millennial Nutrition

Millennials approach nutrition with a fresh perspective favoring unprocessed and organic foods.  When they need more than what their diet provides, they favor functional foods/beverages, vitamins packs and sports nutrition products more than older adults who typically favor traditional vitamins and dietary supplements.
The recently released 2016 Gallup Target Market Report on Millennial Nutrition examines trends spurred on by Millennials and the nutritional habits and product preferences that set Millennials apart.  These distinctions provide key insights into how nutritional product manufacturers can most successfully market to Millennials and capture the loyalty of this large generation.
Topics examined include:
  • Nutrient needs and commitment to good nutrition
  • Knowledge and confidence in their own ability to make good choices
  • Nutrition motivators
  • Trend in use of dietary supplements – vitamins, minerals, herbs, sports nutrition, etc.
  • Usage details: #taken, forms, dollar spending, etc.
  • Use of functional and fortified foods/beverages
  • Purchase habits, including online shopping for supplements
  • Clean label and ‘fresh’ orientation
  • Digital lifestyles and social media participation
  • Nutritional attitudes that set Millennials apart from older generations