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Contact Lens Market

The contact lens market is holding its own amid challenges related to digital lifestyles, dry eyes and the growing fashion appeal of eyeglasses.
The recently released 2016 Gallup Study of the U.S. Consumer Contact Lens Market finds the growing share of vision corrected consumers wearing both contact lenses and eyeglasses now report wearing eyeglasses for longer periods of time, while they spend fewer hours wearing their contact lenses.
A long-term trend study in its 37th year, this comprehensive study provides up-to-date insights surrounding the habits and preferences of vision corrected teens and adults, contact lens wearers and prospective buyers.
A Market Segmentation Analysis was conducted among the sample of current contact lens wearers to identify segments who share similar attitudes and behaviors regarding these products.
Section1: General Population, including Vision Corrected Teens/Adults — Online interviews completed among a national sample of 1,513 teens and adults, ages 13 and older.  The general population sample includes a sub-sample of 986 vision corrected teens and adults (wear eyeglasses and/or contact lenses to correct or improve their vision).
Section 2: Contact Lens Wearers – – Online interviews completed by 830 current contact lens wearers ages 13 and older.
Section 3: Prospective Contact Lens Wearers  – – Online interviews completed by 524 prospective contact lens wearers ages 13 and older who currently wear only eyeglasses for vision correction but express an interest in trying to wear contact lenses.