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Online Mattress

Purchasing mattresses via the Internet has gained a foothold among consumers and seems likely to gain in popularity.
The recently released 2016 Study of the Online Market for Mattresses is a benchmark survey that provides subscribers with measures of buyers’ motivations, the brands and types of products being purchased online, as well as online media habits and outlets patronized.  Conducted in two phases, the overall objectives were to explore…
Phase 1: General Population
  • General Internet behaviors
  • Characteristics of current mattress
  • Incidence of recent mattress purchase and whether purchased online
  • The study also includes a Price Sensitivity Analysis which explores how much target consumers are willing to pay for a mattress when purchasing it online.
  • Incidence of future purchase intentions for mattresses and likelihood of purchasing them online
  • Reasons have not purchased a mattress online and motivations to do so
Phase 2: Recent and Prospective Buyers
  • Deciding where to purchase a mattress/purchase it online
  • Brand and advertising awareness
  • Characteristics of mattress purchased/plan to purchase
  • Product selection process for mattresses purchased/plan to purchase online
  • Satisfaction with mattress purchased online
  • Social networking behaviors related to mattresses

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