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Flea & Tick Control Product Market

Dog owners’ preference for natural or organic flea and tick products has grown steadily over the past decade, which may explain why some are seeking alternatives to topical drops.
The recently released 2016 Gallup Study of the Flea & Tick Control Product Market, part of a trended series of surveys, provides valuable market insights into dog and cat owners’ awareness of, usage of and attitudes toward flea and tick control products.
Overall objectives were to explore:
  • Brand awareness, usage and satisfaction
  • Types of flea and tick products ever used, used in the past season and primary product used
  • Brands used most recently for topical drops, collars, flea pills and other products
  • Concern for health risks associated with topical drops
  • Details of the purchase process: retail outlet usage, how brand and form selection is made, veterinarian vs. retail purchase, etc.
  • Reasons for product selection and anticipated changes in product use
  • Heartworm medication brand awareness and use
  • Awareness, use and interest in all-in-one medications
  • Extent of flea and tick problems and concerns
  • Social media’s influence on pet care
  • Attitudes toward fleas and ticks and prevention/treatment
  • Market Segmentation Analysis is included to divide dog and cat owners into distinct groups, each with their own unique set of attitudes impacting receptivity to flea and tick control products.

PDF source:  Flea & Tick Control Product Market (16026)