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Dental Care Research Update and 2016 Calendar of Studies

Multi-sponsor Surveys has been providing the dental care industry with consumer trend data on oral health and dental care for over 20 years. Read on for news headlines from recent studies and our 2016 Calendar of studies.

Key findings from recent studies. . .1a

Use of power toothbrushes by children increased over the past two years and there are signs of growing satisfaction and purchase intent among mothers. Although battery-operated power toothbrushes are more widely used by children, the biggest gains in use were observed for rechargeable power toothbrushes.

Source: 2015 Study of the Children’s Toothbrush Market
(issued October 2015)

2Interest in natural or organic dental products is being driven by Millennials. Half of all 18-34 year old mouthwash users are willing to pay more for natural or organic dental products, while there is considerably less interest among those age 50+. Millennials worry more about the ingredients in mouthwash and most often try to avoid mouthwash containing sugar, artificial sweeteners, artificial colorings and artificial flavors.

Source: 2014 Study of the Market for Mouthwash
(issued March 2014)

Dry mouth affects one in five adults and use of specially-formulated dry mouth products climbed over the past four years, particularly mouthwashes formulated for dry mouth. Leading symptoms experienced with dry mouth include frequent thirst, dry tongue, reduced saliva and bad breath.

Source: 2015 Study of Dry Mouth (issued June 2015)

3The market for interdental cleaners is poised for growth as Baby Boomers move into their mature years and face problems with plaque, receding gums and gingivitis. Use of interdental brushes climbs steadily as adults age and research is needed to test the appeal of power flossers and water jets among adults. Multi-sponsor Surveys is launching a new study in February to examine the Market for Inter- dental Cleaning Products – assessing market size, demand, product satisfaction and best prospects for product use.

Source: Dental Segmentation Study (2012)

5You are invited to design your own research package to take advantage of the savings available when multiple studies are purchased. You may choose from the 2016 studies listed above, as well as the currently available research listings shown below.RESEARCH PACKAGE DISCOUNTS:

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We also welcome your suggestions for syndicated studies you would like us to offer this year.



2015 Study of the Adult Power Toothbrush Market (15044)
7th in a series, this study provides in-depth examination of attitudes, usage and purchase behaviors regarding power toothbrushes. It tracks trends in adult ownership and use of power toothbrushes, including brand awareness, ownership and future purchase intentions.
Conducted between Dec. 22, 2015 and Jan. 19, 2016; Price: $17,000

2015 Study of the Children’s Toothbrush Market (15025)
2nd in a series of trended surveys, this study examines the tooth brushing habits of children ages 6 months to 12 years and mothers’ role in the selection of toothbrushes. Includes brand trends and full details for both manual and power toothbrushes.
Conducted in September 2015; Price: $19,450

2015 Study of Dry Mouth (15003)
Tracks trends since 2011 in prevalence of dry mouth and treatment selection and use among dry mouth sufferers. The study examines why product users choose dry mouth products and how they decide which brand and forms of treatment products are right for them.
Conducted in April/May 2015; Price: $21,000

Target Market Reports – – offer a lower-priced option when your information needs are targeted to a specific product category or market segment. Our Target Market Reports draw from the primary research studies listed above, including trends, market size projections and attitudes.

  • Dental Care Needs of Aging Population; $5,900
  • Children’s Dental Care – Infancy to Age 12; $6,800
  • Children’s Manual Toothbrushes; $6,800
  • Children’s Power Toothbrushes; $7,500
  • Dry Mouth Treatment Product Market; $6,800
  • Teen Braces; $4,200 (released February 2013)