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Japan – Women’s Facial Skin Care

Facial skin care continues to be a top priority for Asian women with typical regimens incorporating a large number of differing product types and brands.  But savvy marketers should be careful to understand that important regional differences exist in the skin care benefits sought by women in Asia.

The 2014 International Study of Asian Women’s Facial Skin Care explores these geographic variations in China, Japan and South Korea.

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Among Japanese women age 18-60 (n=616)


1. Facial Skin Type and Condition

2. Facial Skin Care Habits and Practices

3. Benefits Sought When Purchasing Facial Skin Care Products

4. Types of Products Used For Facial Skin Care

5. Brand Awareness and Usage

6. Brand Motivations and Image

7. Purchase Practices

8. Label and Ingredient Considerations

9. Cosmetics Usage

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